BLUU Organizing
Collective Board

The Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism Organizing Collective Board (OCB) serves as the Board of Directors for BLUU. This is a working board whose collective work is to breathe life into the vision and mission of BLUU and be in relationships with various constituencies to build and grow a Unitarian Universalism that centers Blackness. Many OCB members are also on BLUU’s staff. Members of the OCB have various areas of expertise where they take primary responsibility for related work.


The Advisory Team gives guidance to the BLUU Organizing Collective Board. Members of the Advisory Team share their gifts in service to the mission by providing BLUU with their professional expertise; their diverse knowledge of constituent perspectives; their connections to local, national, and international resources, including but not limited to financial and fundraising networks, and their philanthropic support.


The Financial Transparency Group helps increase the transparency of BLUU’s organizational finances by ensuring community accountability and assisting staff in creating and implementing budget plans.

360 Council

The BLUU 360° Council of elders provides support to BLUU leadership through historical insight, experience, and wisdom. They serve as ambassadors of BLUU’s goals and vision and endeavor to protect the integrity of the organization.

OCB Pastoral Care Team

The OCB Pastoral Support Team provides pastoral care for members of the Organizing Collective Board, both as a team and on an individual basis, as needed. The overall goals of this support are to:

  1. Create and hold a space for care and compassion for the OCB.
  2. Offer opportunities for the OCB to heal.
  3. Help the OCB build and maintain spiritual capacity while doing the work of BLUU.
  4. Remind the OCB that their spiritual health as a team is integral to being able to do meaningful and beautiful work together.