BLUU Spiritual Communities

BLUU Spiritual Communities

BLUU’s Online Worship

Our Black UU community of people of all faith paths and of no faith gathers for online worship every second Sunday of the month at 4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT. BLUU’s online worship service is Black Sacred Space in its entirety – by and for Black people, with the words and voices of Black folks across the diaspora – and we hope that Black UUs and Black UU-adjacent folks (who share our values) from far and wide will join us! Be on the lookout for additional opportunities to gather throughout the year, including BLUU Movie Nights, community conversations, and online panel discussions. 

BLUU Havens & BLUU Harbors

Everybody wants a place to call home. Many Black UUs have clearly articulated, since long before our existence and up to this very moment, a need for a Unitarian Universalism that offers an unequivocal and unwavering sense of home to Black people who feel held by, or want to be more connected to, Black ancestry, Black love, Black thought, Black artistry, and Black faith. What we want is a Unitarian Universalism that, at EVERY turn, honors, uplifts, and equips our Black Lives. So, the development of BLUU Havens and BLUU Harbors is coming to life! 

In June 2020, we launched the process to apply to become established as BLUU Havens, Black UU meet-up groups, and BLUU Harbors, Black UU spiritual communities. These gathering spaces are meant to be Black-led and people-driven. BLUU Havens will be smaller in size and scope, and BLUU Harbors will essentially be the beginnings of Black UU spiritual communities, a deeper, more extensive commitment that will involve educational opportunities for leadership development and sustainability, as well as participation from a host congregation and a willingness to support these efforts in tangible ways.

We are also thrilled to be partnering with the UUA in our efforts to ensure that BLUU Havens and BLUU Harbors are Black-centered, spiritually rich, and socially and culturally inviting places for Black UUs to call home.

To learn more about the plan for BLUU Havens and BLUU Harbors, check out the video from our virtual launch below:

Applications Go Live in 2022!

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Become A BLUU Beloved

BLUU Beloveds are Black people/people of African descent creating deeper connection, community, and leadership through BLUU’s membership program. Become a BLUU Beloved today. Additional information on membership can be found here, including our Patreon option for non-black/white folks.