Thank you for your interest in becoming a BLUU Beloved. We are thrilled you are here!

BLUU Beloveds are Black people/people of African descent creating deeper connection, community, and leadership through BLUU’s membership program. Become a BLUU Beloved today.

To become a BLUU Beloved, BLUU leadership asks that you commit to doing at least one thing from each of the two categories of Service and Participation, as well as pay annual dues of $25 (or request a dues waiver). Please note other ways listed below that BLUU Beloveds can support BLUU, in addition to paying annual dues.

If you do not identify as Black or of African descent, please do not complete the form below. We encourage our white, Indigenous, and non-Black POC supporters to sign up to our Patreon.

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If you have met the requirements as outlined above, then you can complete the Beloved registration form. You’ll receive a confirmation email that we have received your BLUU Beloved registration form. After review of your form, we’ll notify you of your BLUU Beloved status.

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